The packaging industry is vast and diverse. Here you will find all kinds of packaging materials at an affordable rate. You can easily use these packaging materials for various purposes, such as for storing items, for shipping items, for decorating your homes, for using them as gift boxes, for art and craft, for gardening, for building shelters for animals and birds and so on. These packaging materials are modern and contemporary, therefore, some basic characteristics are taken proper care of.

Some of the basic characteristics which make these packaging materials highly efficient are, their strength and durability, their versatility, flexibility, customizability and most importantly their sustainability, as it ensures that the packaging materials are compostable and biodegradable, giving their proof of eco-friendliness. We all are aware of the fact that cardboard boxes are eco-friendly in nature and we also know that other packaging supplies, such as kraft paper, strong packing tape and so on are also eco-friendly in nature.

But are you aware of the fact that bubble wraps, which are an essential packaging material for luxurious, fragile and delicate items, are also eco-friendly? We have witnessed plastic bubble wraps which are not healthy for our environment. Therefore, to protect our environment from further degradation, the packaging industry has come up with a solution of using brown bubble wrap sheets which are eco-friendly in nature. Therefore, whether you use a small bubble wrap or a large one, ensure that you are using the one which is environmentally friendly.

In this article we shall be looking at the top 3 bubble wraps in the packaging industry which you can use for protecting your items from damage. You can easily get these bubble wraps from your nearby stores or for free from different retail stores near you. Only make sure that they are in good condition. Apart from that you can order them from different websites at an affordable rate. Packaging Midlands for instance is one such website which provides you different packaging supplies including bubble wraps and cardboard boxes in Birmingham and all over the UK.

Let us now have a look at the top three bubble wraps which you must know about.

Eco-friendly Bubble Wrap

As already mentioned above, eco-friendly bubble wrap is a new trend in the market because of the growing concern of the environment. These bubble wraps are made up of recyclable and reusable materials and hence, are highly beneficial for the environment. They reduce the garbage waste and carbon footprint from the environment as they are biodegradable, compostable and reusable and recyclable. They are strong enough to protect the items from all potential damage by providing them with proper cushioning and padding. Fragile items such as glassware, chinaware, mirrors, furniture items, showpieces and so on can be wrapped with these bubble wraps.

Anti Static Bubble Wrap

The anti static bubble wrap used for electronic devices are pink in colour. Earlier they used to be made up of plastics, however, with the growing concern of the environment, they are also now being manufactured, keeping in mind the characteristics that suit our environment properly. In short, eco-friendly bubble wraps for electronic devices are now available in the market. These bubble wraps protect the items from static electricity which may release due to an external force, which can further damage the electronic device. Therefore, while shipping items like, refrigerators, induction heaters, microwaves, and so on, you can use these bubble wraps to wrap these items so that they can provide proper cushioning and padding to these items. Apart from that, you can use these bubble wraps for keyboards, mouse, laptops, monitors and so on.

Bubble Fast Bubble Wrap

For the protection of the delicate items which require a gentle touch, we require bubblefast bubble wrap. They come with small size bubbles which provide a fine layer of protection to the fragile and lightweight items. They provide a more delicate padding and cushioning effect, making it ideal for items like intricate artwork, porcelain figurines and sensitive electronics. It is highly flexible and takes the shape of the object easily while wrapping it around the object, thus, protecting the object within the packaging during movement and minimising the risk of damage. Whenever you are packing fragile and lightweight items which require a gentle touch, make sure that you are using a large roll of bubble wrap called bubble fast bubble wrap.

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