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The packaging industry is vast and diverse. Here you will not just get cardboard boxes, rather there are a lot of packaging supplies which you get for multiple purposes. We need packaging materials not just for storing and shipping items. In fact, we need them for a lot of reasons apart from the one mentioned. For instance, if the packaging materials are eco-friendly, then we can use them for gardening as well; these days due to the growing concern for the climate change which is taking place all across the world, you will get sustainable and eco-friendly packaging materials everywhere in the market. Similarly you can use different packaging products for decorating your house, for building shelters for stray animals and birds, for using them as gift boxes or gift wraps and so on. In short you can use these packaging materials the way you want. In fact, to boost your business you can customise them and give them different shapes and sizes according to the items to be packed. This proves that packaging materials are not just strong, robust, rigid, durable and eco-friendly, rather they are also customisable and flexible as well. They are available in a wide range of varieties and you can choose the one which suits you the best for your personal and professional purposes.

In this article we shall be looking at the use of book wraps in the packaging industry. They are also known as book mailers and cardboard wraps and these packaging solutions draw inspiration from the design of the book cover, therefore, the name. These packaging materials are made up of recycled cardboard  and other similar sustainable materials and they are strong and sturdy and provide a protective layer to the items packed inside them for shipping and transit. These wraps are innovatively designed which further allows an easy assembly and thus, eliminates the need of extra packaging materials, thereby reducing carbon footprint and garbage waste from the earth. Several eCommerce websites, such as Packaging Now come up with these innovative packaging materials which make your task easier.

Let us now have a look at some of the uses of book/cardboard mailers or wraps.

Book Wraps

Promotes Sustainability

One of the major concerns of the packaging industry these days is to manufacture and use sustainable packaging keeping in mind the drastic change in the climate which is taking place across the globe. Forest fire, drought, flood, melting of glaciers are some of the major concerns which are taking place because of global warming, deforestation and building of infrastructures all over the world. There is no doubt that we have exploited nature for our selfish nature and it is because of our actions that we are facing the consequences. However, we still have time to bring everything back on track. The only thing we need to do is to change our lifestyle and make it more sustainable. This involves the things which we use in our day to day life. Whether they are outfits or packaging materials, we must use them in a sustainable way to reduce waste from the environment. Book/cardboard wraps are sustainable and eco-friendly which are beneficial not just to the environment, but to the packaging industry as well. They are made up of recycled materials and are designed minimally, hence reducing the carbon footprint from the earth. You can use and reuse them for years as they are strong and durable.

Book Wraps

Known for their Affordability

Another benefit which this particular packaging supply gives is that it is affordable and cost-effective. It is manufactured with recycled materials, hence, it means that you do not have to spend much on raw materials. It requires minimal designs, hence, in designing a book wrap also you do not need to spend much. Also, you do need to add additional protective materials for an object while packing it in a book wrap, as it comes with all the characteristics which the additional packaging materials provide. Hence, there is no need to spend on purchasing additional packaging materials for packing an item in a book wrap. In short, these packaging materials are cost efficient. Hence, instead of using cheap cardboard boxes, you can use cardboard wraps.

Book Wraps

Promotes Brand through Customizability

Apart from being eco-friendly and cost-effective a book wrap is customisable as well. This means that it helps you in gaining brand recognition and more potential customers in business. You can customise it according to the shape and size of the item to be packed. Apart from that you can paint it according to the theme and motif of your business and moreover, you can print your brand logo to boost your brand identity in the world of competitive market.

Summing Up

These are some of the uses and benefits of cardboard wraps in the packaging industry. You can easily get these packaging materials from the store selling all kinds of packaging materials, such as double wall boxes and alike.     

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