Saree or Salwar Kameez

Indian outfits are versatile and are available in a wide range of styles and designs. They not just make a woman look beautiful, rather they also depict the rich culture, heritage and history of India through intricate motifs and patterns. Not just that due to their versatility, they can blend with stylish and fashionable outfits of other cultures across the world. Therefore, Indo western outfits are on high trend these days which is a blend of Indian and western styles, depicting the cultures of both the East and the West. Therefore, whether they are Indian sarees, or lehengas, they are worth the money because of their sustainability, versatility and flexibility.

You can use them for years to come and they will still look fashionable, stylish and trendy. This is the perk of having an Indian outfit in your wardrobe. Apart from that you can mix and match some parts of the outfit with the other outfits to create your own fashion statement. And wherever you wear Indian outfits, people are going to turn their heads towards you to have a look at the intricately designed Indian outfit which gives you a stunning and elegant appearance.

In this article we shall be looking at whether to wear a saree or a salwar suit or both while attending a party. Apart from sarees and salwar kameez, you can also wear other Indian outfits, such as lehengas, Indo western outfits like, ethnic gowns, skirt sets which come with intricately designed jackets, Indo western jumpsuits, three piece attires consisting of an intricately designed crop tops, pants and jackets and so on. These days you can easily get these outfits from your nearby stores or from different websites. Like A Diva is one such website, where you can get different outfits for parties, functions and events, such as sarees, lehengas, Indian suits, Indo western outfits and so on. Let us now have a look at whether to wear a saree or a suit to a party.

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When we talk about sarees, elegance and royalty are the first things which come to our mind. It is the six yards of pure grace which gives a woman an angelic look. There are sarees in different styles and designs available in the market. Sarees are basically divided into three categories, and they are, traditional sarees, modern sarees and Indo western sarees. Traditional sarees are those sarees which never go out of trend and keep on evolving with time, introducing new patterns, styles and designs to their look. These sarees are versatile and sustainable and you can wear them to any functions, such as weddings and festivals to get a sophisticated look. These are most often intricately designed with hands which consist of gota patti work, embroidery work, zari work, zardosi work, bandhani print, madhubani print and so on, not just that these several motifs and patterns inspired from nature, art and architecture are also depicted with these intricate works. Banarasi silk sarees, Bandhani sarees, Leheriya sarees, Patola sarees, Paithani sarees, Kanjivaram silk sarees, Sambalpuri silk sarees, Baluchari sarees and so on are some of the famous traditional sarees from India.

Apart from traditional sarees, modern party wear sarees well crafted on luxurious fabrics with sequin work, stone work, mirror work, beads work and so on are widely popular. These days pre draped sarees or Indo western sarees are on huge trend, in this you do not have to put effort to drape a saree as you do with the conventional ones, rather in this, the saree is already draped, you just need to wear it like other outfits.

Now that we are aware of the three different types of sarees, the question now arises is, can you wear a saree to a party? The answer is yes, however, if you are comfortable in wearing and carrying it throughout the party, then you should go for it to get an elegant look, but if you are not confident about your comfort and carrying a saree effortlessly, then choose other different outfits.

Salwar suit

Just like a saree, salwar suits are also of different types. Some of the famous ones are, churidar suits, patiala suits, palazzo suits, sharara suits, Anarkali suits and so on. A salwar kameez has always been a comfortable outfit for all kinds of events, be it a casual or formal event or a party. Like sarees, these outfits are also versatile and sustainable and keep on evolving with time. However, there is one difference which makes these outfits different from that of sarees and that is, you can wear them effortlessly without taking any help and also carry them comfortably.

Just like the sarees, the intricate designs mentioned above are found in these outfits as well. If you are thinking whether you can wear them to a party or not, then the answer is definitely yes. However, when you are choosing a party wear salwar kameez, there are two types of salwar kameez which exclusively give you a party look, and they are sharara set and Anarkali dresses. They give you a complete dolled up and gorgeous look, suitable for any party which you attend. In short, both the sarees and the salwar kameez are suitable for a party, the main thing is, you need to choose wisely.

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