Engineered wood flooring is one of the most tending flooring options these days and if you are someone who is looking forward to get this flooring installed in your homes, workspace or showrooms then, this actually is the right article for you. Here in the subsequent paragraphs, we will be explaining what are the pros and cons of getting the engineered wood flooring installed in your homes and also what are the various options available in this section of engineered wood flooring. So, let’s get started and explore what are the various option available.

Pros that Speak Volumes

  • Durability- The engineered wood floorings are quite durable and sturdy when compared to the ordinary wood flooring. These flooring have various engineered layers installed which help in keeping the floor in the best condition even when there are hot and humid conditions or when there is slight spillage on the floor. This flooring has therefore stood the test of time and therefore is being considered by a number of people these days.
  • Versatility in Design- Since there are various wood options available in the engineered wood form such as engineered parquet flooring, engineered herringbone flooring, etc they all contribute to the versatility of the designs that are available in the engineered flooring.
  • Eco-Friendly in Nature– The best part is that this engineered flooring is eco-friendly in nature. The base is made from real wood while the veneer is made from HDF (high- density fibreboard) which helps in reducing the demand for more of real wood which are unique or exotic.

Cons – Navigating the Challenges

  • Initial Cost Considerations– Initial cost considerations can be high when compared to the other flooring options as installation of engineered wood such as grey engineered flooring, etc are on a costlier side. However, you can consider this as an investment as you won’t need to change your flooring in the years to come.
  • Limited Refinishing Potential– Refinishing potential of the engineered flooring is usually low. Due to a thin veneer, there may be a scope of one or two initial refinishing, but anything more than that may not be possible.
  • Limited Repair Options– Repairing options are available but not as good as those which are available for solid wood floorings such as solid oak flooring. As the natural wood is strong and thick, they can be repaired but in case of engineered flooring, specialised repairs are required, getting that is a tough task.

Options in Engineered Wood Flooring

  • Oak- The oakwood remains the timeless beauty. The grains and marks on this wood makes it even more beautiful and this therefore considered by a huge number of people owing to its natural colour and texture.
  • Maple– For those who love the light-coloured flooring, maple is the answer. This wood has been the absolute favourite of masses as this light-coloured flooring helps in making a smaller area appear big and airy.
  • Acacia– The best thing about acacia is that it is available in various shades. The beautiful and unique grain patterns on this wood helps in getting it installed in any area. All you have to do is select the shade and here you are ready to get the best flooring installed in your area.
  • Hickory– Distinctive colour and natural colour variation is the basic feature of this wood and also most probably the best feature. This wood is known for its durability as well and is therefore installed in area which have high usage.
  • Walnut- You heard luxury, we said walnut. The walnut flooring is known for its rich and dark tones. Due to the rich and dark tones it is used for giving a luxurious look to any area. Dark colours give a classy and elegant look to any place where it is installed. Walnut flooring is therefore considered for those areas where there is enough light and have ample of space. Installation of this flooring in such areas will lead to a majestic overall look of the room or any area where it gets installed.

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