Many businesses use several tools and software to perform various business tasks. These include CRM, help desk software, and automation tools. A VoIP system can integrate these to eliminate redundant manual processes.

Automated Call Follow-Up

Using VoIP integrations, you can sync your business tools like CRM software and help desk software to automate manual processes. This saves employees time and enables streamlined workflows.

Customers appreciate businesses that offer them reliable, hassle-free communication. A business VoIP system can handle a high volume of calls without putting customers on hold or transferring them.

This is because VoIP integrates with CRM software, which automatically saves call records and customer information. This spares salespeople from the tiring task of diving into the customer database for details after a call. It also allows them to stay comparatively high-spirited and focused on their work. This improves the overall productivity of a company. Customers also love receiving appointment confirmations and reminders via text, a feature not available on traditional landlines.

Automated Call Recording

When a business has a VoIP phone system integrated with its CRM, it can link call records with client information automatically. This saves employees time and energy by eliminating the need to dive into customer databases and search for client data. Many businesses have a mix of analog desk phones, mobile devices, and other digital tools like CRM software and help desk applications. A VoIP vendor will be able to provide a solution that integrates all of these systems so each tool works as one. Modern customers expect to communicate with businesses through multiple channels. With a 

Automated Call Routing

A VoIP phone system works online, converting audio signals into data packets. This allows your team to work from anywhere with an internet connection, reducing the need for on-premises hardware and technician time.

The right call routing tools can help reduce call wait times and connect callers with agents who can answer their questions. Skills-based routing ensures that calls are connected to the agent best suited to handle them.

Time-based call routing routes calls in a pre-set order. This helps you manage peak call volumes and maintain a great customer experience. Some systems also let you set predicted wait times that can be updated as your business grows and changes. This type of automated calling can make all the difference for your customers.

Automated Call Distribution

Integrated business phone systems sync company tools like help desk software and CRM applications. This removes redundant manual steps and allows employees to access information quickly from any location. Depending on your needs, you can invest in VoIP hardware like business phones or opt for mobile business phone apps known as softphones that operate from desktops, laptops, and smartphones.

In addition to offering scalability and cost savings, VoIP is easy for small businesses to implement. You can use your analog phones with a special adapter that converts analog signals into digital data packets. To ensure VoIP calls work well, it’s important to test your network speed and use a quality of service (QoS) setting that prioritizes voice traffic over other applications to prevent choppy audio.

Automated Voicemail

As businesses seek to increase efficiency and provide a better customer experience, VoIP integration is one way. Information technology managers can easily integrate the company’s phones with other business systems like help desk, call center, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. With VoIP, employees can also work from home or while traveling and using a mobile app that’s compatible with the system. This makes it easy to keep up with calls from clients, customers, and colleagues, even if staff are out of the office or working in another country. Many companies are integrating VoIP with their CRM software to automatically record and link all customer data to each call, eliminating the need for scribbling down notes. 

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