Winter is all about low temperatures, chilly weather and blankets of snow. It is that time of the year, when the atmosphere looks less lighted and more dark and gloomy. In gothic novels, films and series as well, the atmosphere is always chilly, gloomy and dark going well with the winter time. Therefore, dressing like a goth in this season has its own charm and uniqueness. Imagine looking bold, expressive and dramatic just like a famous witch from pop culture and walking on the bed of snow in a dark, freezing and forlorn winter night. Isn’t it giving you a spooky and uncanny vibe? If you think that winter is all about getting cosy under a blanket by sitting near the room heater and drinking hot chocolate and reading a book along with it, then you are very much wrong. Winter is more than that, especially for the extroverted fashionistas who love to explore with fashions which make them look bold and stylish, and at the same time spooky and eerie on a full moon winter night. So, if you are someone who loves to go out, even though it is freezing outside and love to wear something which gives you an otherworldly and dark appearance, then what are you waiting for? Grab your women’s gothic jacket along with other gothic outfits and get ready to take over the world with your mystic and dramatic look!!

In this article we shall be looking at the best way to dress like a goth in the winter season. We all know that gothic fashion is all about black or dark outfits and accessories featuring crosses, skulls, pentagrams and so on. However, in the contemporary gothic fashion, pastel and light shades are also being included, thus, making the gothic fashion more flexible. This means that apart from experimenting with dark outfits, you can also go for pastel shade outfits as well. These days, you can easily get gothic outfits and accessories from your nearby stores and also from different online stores at an affordable rate. Jordash Clothing is one such online store in the UK where you get different types of gothic outfits and accessories ranging from goth dresses, goth trousers to occult jewellery and so on, all at a wholesale rate.

Let us now have a look at the best way to dress like a goth in winter.

goth trousers

Focus on Layering

To get a sophisticated, elegant and dramatic look, layer yourself with different types of gothic outfits. In fact winter is the best season to layer yourself with different clothes and accessories to create your own fashion statement. If you are wearing a long and flowy goth dress, then a floor length coat in the fabric of velvet or lace will go well with the dress. It will give you an expressive, bold and sophisticated look and at the same time will keep you warm. In order to add more sophistication to your look, you can also pair it with a high neck gothic blouse or a corset. Also do not forget to add dark coloured and cosy knits to your wardrobe, which are a staple need in the winter season. The main key in the process of layering is that you can experiment with different textures and lengths to create your own style statement and get a visually striking appearance.

gothic blouse

Mystic Accessories

Wearing different layers of gothic outfits is just one aspect of getting a spooky touch to your appearance. In order to get a bolder and more uncanny look you need to add some mystic accessories to your look as well. In fact it enhances your style to the next level. You can consider wearing some statement jewellery pieces featuring skulls, crosses, pentagrams, dark gemstones and so on. Apart from that, since it is winter, you can add some other accessories such as fingerless gloves and long flowing scarves to maintain the warmth of your body. It will also give you a vibe which defines that you belong to a world full of mysteries. Speaking about the foot wear, it is better to go for thigh high or knee high boots with lace up details and intricate buckles which are fashionable and spooky and also are practical options to combat the chilly weather of the winter.

gothic accessories


Whether it is winter or summer, gothic makeup should always be bold and dramatic. If you are opting for a conventional gothic look, make sure that when it comes to makeup, your face is pale, eyes and lips are dark and bold. However, if you want a modern day gothic look for yourself, go with minimal makeup which does not require pale skin, and you can keep the eyes bold or normal, however keep the lips dark and bold to get a perfect uncanny vibe.

Summing Up

These are some of the ways to dress like a goth in the winter season. Ensure that you are getting your gothic outfits, whether a gothic skirt or a top from a store selling them at an affordable rate.

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