When was the last time that you visited a jewellery store? Let us all admit that no matter whatever our age is, jewellery is something which captivates all of us. There are various kinds of jewellery available. Some are made of gold, silver, platinum and other such expensive metals while a good number of them have gemstones embedded on them and are known as gemstone jewellery. Although all the gemstones are beautiful and captivating in their way but there are a few which has been winning hearts since time immemorial. One such gemstone is sapphire.

In this article we will be discussing what are the folklores associates with the sapphires across the globe and what makes this gemstone special among the specials. So, let’s get started and explore the various stories related to this gemstone.

The Mystical Stories in Asia

Often associated with divinity, in a number of regions in Asia, in the Hindu mythology, the sapphires are believed to be the tears of Lord Vishnu. Similarly in Persia, these sapphires are believed to protect the wearer from envy and therefore blue sapphire rings are commonly worn in this region. The sapphires therefore hold a very auspicious and mystical value in the Asia region.

The Celestial Greek Legends

In the countries such as Greece, the sapphires were considered sacred. They are believed to resonate with the divine powers and energies and bestow favours on someone who wears it. It was believed to help people connect with the divine and attain wisdom and guidance from the celestial bodies.

Romance and Royalty in European Folklore

Romantic and regal- this is what sapphires are considered in most of the European countries. In the medieval world, sapphires were believed to be associated with loyalty and fidelity and therefore were considered to be the best option for the engagement rings. There are numerous legends in history which say that the crowns of these royal people were adorned with sapphires and this therefore makes it an expensive and royal gemstone.

African Tales of Courage and Protection

Resembling courage and protection- Sapphires in Africa are know to bestow strength and courage on the wearer and therefore is considered a good omen to wear them. This gemstone in Africa is considered to have mystical powers that acts as a shield and protects the wearer from bad luck and injuries. This gemstone also adds a layer of optimism on the wearer thereby making it auspicious and a lucky gemstone.

The Native American Connections

The Native Americans are believed to have an extremely rich and interesting folklore. To add to this, they have sapphires in abundance. These sapphire in the American regions are believed to be the gifts from the earth. They symbolise the interconnectedness between spirits of nature and all other living beings thereby, weaving a tale of unity and respect for each other. Blue sapphire earrings are widely worn by women in this culture as they believe that this gemstone protects them from bad omens and bestows them with good luck and fortune.

Modern Day Interpretations

Today, the world has become a global village. Everyone knows the relevance of something even if the person does not belong to that community and same is the case with sapphires as well. People wear sapphires today for various reasons, be it the traditional folklore, myths and beliefs or the unmatched beauty and elegance radiated by the gemstone, The reasons are many. But the fact remains unchanged that, there are various jewellery options such as rings, platinum diamond eternity rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc made out of these sapphires and in the days to come, all we will see is growth in the sale of this gemstone.

Summing Up
Now, that we have already discussed what is the relevance of this gemstone in various cultures, it becomes very important to know where can we get them from. You can buy these easily gemstones online from various sites selling the precious and semi-precious gemstones. Go for a background check of the brand and them you can buy them. You will get them delivered at your doorsteps within a couple of days.

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